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The London Market and the science of storms – Episode four

Science of the Storms: resiliency, mitigation and transfer

Next, we move a little further up the risk transfer chain. Our next presenter is Michael Palmer, head of analytics and research at HiscoxRe & ILS, who focuses slightly more on the operational aspects of how the industry might take the work and research going into learning more about the science of the storms and turn that into business applications which ultimately informs risk transfer options.

In this 6-minute presentation, Palmer discusses:

  • The business applications of the weather research available
  • The key elements of the climate change framework for insurers
  • How Hiscox uses the framework to help clients in the climate change space
  • The climate change signal as part of the risk map and framework
Presented by
  • Mike Palmer, Head of Analytics and Research, HiscoxRe & ILS