Welcome to the world’s insurance market

Why buy insurance in London

Find out more about how we address today’s universe of risks and get our clients back on their feet when disaster strikes.

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Learn about the London insurance market

London’s structure and history are unique, which also makes it unusual and occasionally confusing! Get a deeper understanding of the market with our educational materials.

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Tell the London Market story

Working in London, it is easy to overlook the remarkable role our market plays in driving progress around the world. It’s a story worth telling.

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Without the insurance solutions pioneered in London, a great deal of progress across the globe would have been impossible. Today, in a world of unprecedented change, the London insurance market is more essential than ever.

Our dynamic eco-system, with 52,000 insurance and risk management professionals and deep reserves of capital, helps our clients get back on their feet when disaster strikes. Whatever challenges lie ahead, London makes it possible.