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Helping to get vaccines to villages

London makes it possible to deliver more vaccinations to more people.

Developing life-saving vaccines is one thing, getting them to remote communities is another. The London Market provides intellectual property insurance for companies solving medical logistical problems with ground-breaking technology.

Many of the world’s poorest countries struggle to access safe and reliable medical supplies, combatting poor infrastructure and extreme weather. Ground-breaking technology has been developed to keep life-saving vaccines at a safe temperature for use, even when the power supply fails. The London Market’s appetite for challenge and track record in leading product development enables it to insure the research and development that make future breakthroughs possible.

The London Insurance Market

More than 65 Company Market insurers and reinsurers, and 80 Lloyd’s syndicates managed by 54 managing agents, provide re/insurance solutions in the London insurance market. Clients typically access the market via insurance brokers, who act as an intermediary between the policyholders and the underwriting businesses. There are over 200 brokers active in the London insurance market.

Many buyers come to the London Market because domestic insurers will not to accept their risks as they are unique or unusual. For others, it can offer a better price and/or better terms.

London earns 36% of its income from the excess & surplus lines market in the US – and can insure the widest range of risk, from the smallest to the largest, and from the most standard to the most specialist and complex.