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The 52,000 people who work in the London insurance market are its best ambassadors. We want to provide you with a range of materials to promote London around the world, whether you are at conferences, private meetings or providing written materials.

We have put together a range of tools – videos, case studies, facts and figure and articles. They are designed to enable you to talk about the London insurance market with confidence, armed with compelling statistics and stories about what sets London apart.

Case Studies

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The shipping forecast: Growth

London makes it possible for maritime industries to prosper.

The long awaited expansion of the Panama Canal has transformed global trade bringing growth opportunities to many parts of the globe. And one in every three of the ships that passes through it is insured by the London Market.

World trade is reliant on the shipping industry. For over 300
years, London has been helping maritime industries to protect
their assets and safeguard their income as they transport goods across the oceans. And in that time, the London Market has built
up a concentration of knowledge and expertise in marine risk.
That’s why today, maritime industries look to London to insure
the heaviest container ships; the lightest pleasure craft; and everything in-between.

The shipping forecast growth

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Animated Films

These short animations highlight key case studies you might want to use at events or in presentations.

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