London Makes It Possible

There’s never been progress without risk. Without the London Market’s willingness to insure it, a great deal of progress across the globe would have been impossible. Today, in a world of unprecedented change and opportunity, London’s insurance market is more essential than ever.

Here you’ll find a unique concentration of 52,000 insurance and risk management professionals, with an unrivalled breadth of expertise.

Our dynamic eco-system and deep reserves of capital make us better equipped to manage complex and challenging risks. And better prepared to help our clients – from individuals to global businesses – get back on their feet when disaster strikes.

Whatever you want to achieve, wherever you want to go, and whatever challenges lie ahead, London makes it possible.


The London Market At A Glance*

This toolkit will help you communicate the benefits of the London Market to your clients.


London makes it possible for US homeowners to insure themselves properly against floods.

In 2017, Hurricane Harvey caused extensive flooding in Texas. But many US homeowners found that they had little or no recourse to insurance. By using data and technology, the London Market has devised a new flood product for them.

The existing US National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) product has restricted terms and conditions, plus relatively low limits. These limitations were heavily exposed in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. In response, the London Market was able to do away with elevation certificates, and devise a flood product with higher limits and a wider scope of cover. The coverage also has a much simpler definition of what constitutes flood, broader coverage for personal property and additional coverage for alternative accommodation while repairs are taking place. The result is peace of mind for US homeowners, and a product that can help them recover quickly in the event of another flood.

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London makes it possible for vital services to be restored after a natural catastrophe.

When the Caribbean was hit by hurricanes in the summer of 2017, widespread damage was inflicted on hospitals, hotels, supermarkets and other major resources. In response, the London Market went the extra mile to provide funds and support for vital services.

Claims teams in London tracked the storms from formation, and put in place plans to respond swiftly and provide rapid advance payments as well as service and support. With power loss a widespread issue, planes were chartered to fly in generators and fuel. Satellite phones were sourced to guarantee communications and, in one exceptional case, an adjuster hired a catamaran and sailed through the storms to reach an insured and begin assessing their claim. In spite of difficulty of access, lack of power and infrastructure, London made multi-million dollar payments to a huge number of insureds within days.

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London makes it possible to pioneer space tourism.

In 2014, Scaled Composites suffered a tragic accident in California during the spaceship test flight programme it was undertaking for Virgin Galactic. The London Market settled the claim for tens of millions of dollars in just five working days.

Paying the claim quickly was important to Virgin Galactic because it gave them the ability to make good and immediate business decisions, and the company was able to recover fast. Retrieving as much of the wreckage as possible was also vital because it helped them gain a complete understanding of what had happened. By paying to extend the search, the London Market helped to facilitate a thorough investigation. Now, with those findings fully integrated, the company is continuing its pioneering work making affordable space travel a real prospect for the near future.

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London makes it possible for capital to work harder.

Nearly 90% 0f global trade relies on trade financing — helping to protect buyers and sellers in the international marketplace. By using a blockchain enabled platform, the London Market is helping more companies better access working capital.

Trade finance programmes give companies access to capital, allowing them to improve their payment terms with their suppliers and clients. However, managing global invoice payments can be time consuming across many jurisdictions and currencies. The London Market is using its appetite for innovation to make it easier for companies to benefit from distributed ledger technology to give real-time visibility for managing customer terms and credit risk.

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London makes it possible for solar power to flourish.

Solar power grew by 50% in 2016. The London Market is insuring industrial-scale applications of solar energy as more and more industries cut their reliance on fossil fuels for power generation.

Renewable energy companies are installing solar panels for both industrial generation and to deliver electricity to individual businesses. Whether they are solar farms that can be seen from space, or a mineral mine in Africa, the London Market has a deep understanding of the challenges of capturing, converting and distributing solar power. By using its expertise to insure the construction and ongoing operations of renewable energy, London is helping to lower energy costs and create a cleaner, safer environment.

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London makes it possible for funds and information to flow seamlessly.

The global shipping industry is facing turbulent times and managing costs is a critical issue. By creating a blockchain platform to provide marine insurance, the London Market has promoted collaboration, improved transparency and reduced costs.

Global marine insurance is one of the most complex segments of the market, with multiple stakeholders and extremely valuable assets that are always on the move. Shipping companies will soon be able to share their own pool of data amongst multiple, verified parties — incorporating it seamlessly into insurance contracts in real time. This will reduce everyone’s frictional costs and connect all interested parties so that funds and information can flow easily and efficiently.

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Helping Construction to Reach Greater Heights

London makes it possible to construct the world’s tallest buildings.

When it opens in 2020, the Jeddah Tower will be a record-setting 1,000 metres high. And its lead architects and engineers are insured by the London Market.

Pumping wet concrete over a kilometre into the sky is one of the many challenges they face. While they work to build the tallest tower yet, they can feel safe in the knowledge that the breadth of expertise and depth of resource of the London Market is supporting them. In fact, more than half of the top 50 architectural and engineering design firms in the USA are insured in London.

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London makes it possible to explore the deepest waters.

The world is going ever deeper below the sea in its search for new sources of energy, and is being aided by technological advances that have enabled ultra deep-water exploration. The London Market insures the vast range of equipment now working more than 1,500 metres below the surface.

The deepest parts of the oceans are some of the most inhospitable places on Earth. Even though it’s possible to search for new sources of energy in these areas, the risks are significant. The London Market insures the submersible equipment that’s used for exploration, like remotely operated vehicles; seismic streamers; submarines; and diving equipment. London even insures the offshore power generation equipment that’s harnessing energy from the oceans themselves.

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London makes it possible for businesses to recover from cybercrime.

Today, data is used to make many important decisions, and for patients the most important of these are medical. The London Market delivers solutions to protect medical data against corruption and cyber-attack.

Whether in diagnostic procedures or clinical trials, doctors now use algorithms, artificial intelligence and supercomputers to provide better care to their patients. But when it comes to medical data, security is paramount. That’s why the London Market delivers industry-leading solutions to protect it. London accounts for 28% of global cyber insurance and helps businesses large and small to recover from the consequences of cyber attack – pioneering cover and services that barely existed a decade ago.

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London makes it possible for people to recover from natural disasters.

After huge wildfires in Canada caused CAN$3.58bn in losses, the London Market used advanced satellite imagery to accelerate the claims process.

The fires engulfed the town of Fort McMurray and access to the town was restricted for a number of weeks. That meant that loss adjusters couldn’t get onsite to assess claims. So, the London Market used the latest satellite imaging techniques to survey the area. That way, it was able to evaluate the extent of the damage and make faster claims payments so residents could get their lives back on track, and the local economy could get back to business. Now in 2017, London is once again stepping up to help communities recover from storm damage in the Caribbean, Texas and Florida.

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London makes it possible for the world to see great works of art.

Blockbuster art exhibitions travel from city to city featuring some of the world’s best-known works of art. The London Market insures major exhibitions against theft and accidental damage and ensures that each piece is packed and shipped to protect it en route.

As well as insuring them, underwriters in London also provide risk management guidance to some of the most exciting art shows. Most importantly, they make sure that the right packers and shippers—ones that specialise in art transit—are used for logistics. Museums and galleries typically attract more visitors each year than sports events and theme parks combined — London makes it possible for people to see and experience many national treasures and famous pieces from private collections across the world.

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London makes it possible to develop jetpack technology.

In the future, jetpacks will enable emergency rescue workers to go where helicopters can’t, and the London Market provides the liability insurance to create and test them.

Easy to fly with minimum training, jetpacks will one day allow response teams to perform rapid search and rescue, delivering medical supplies to places that would otherwise be inaccessible by conventional means. The London Market’s appetite for a challenge, and track record of leading new product development, provides the cover for aviation innovators to perfect new personal-flight products.

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London makes it possible for the lynx to be re-introduced to the UK.

After an absence of 1,300 years, lynx are being released into the wild as a trial. To allay the concerns from farmers about their flocks being attacked, the London Market has insured all UK sheep against lynx attack.

Having been hunted to extinction for their fur, the campaign to reintroduce the lynx aims to boost both the countryside and rural economies.  The insurance will provide confidence to farmers that they will be compensated if any of their sheep are injured or killed during the trial. By using scientific research and data, London underwriters and brokers were able to understand the pattern and frequency of possible attacks and create the first ever insurance policy that assists a reintroduction project in the UK.

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London makes it possible for commercial airlines to grow and upgrade their fleets.

Demand for air travel is predicted to double in the next ten years, and airlines need to invest in their fleets. The London Market provides them with the cover they need to confidently invest in, and grow their businesses.

The London Market accounts for 60% of global aviation insurance, creating a unique eco-system delivering collaborative solutions for developing risks. By building a consortium to insure against airlines defaulting on loans for new aircraft, the Market reduced the cost of borrowing for airlines while increasing the lenders’ confidence in the transaction.

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London makes it possible for maritime industries to prosper.

The long awaited expansion of the Panama Canal has transformed global trade bringing growth opportunities to many parts of the globe. And one in every three of the ships that passes through it is insured by the London Market.

World trade is reliant on the shipping industry. For over 300 years, London has been helping maritime industries to protect their assets and safeguard their income as they transport goods across the oceans. And in that time, the London Market has built up a concentration of knowledge and expertise in marine risk. That’s why today, maritime industries look to London to insure the heaviest container ships; the lightest pleasure craft; and everything in-between.

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London makes it possible to deliver more vaccinations to more people.

Developing life-saving vaccines is one thing, getting them to remote communities is another. The London Market provides intellectual property insurance for companies solving medical logistical problems with ground-breaking technology.

Many of the world’s poorest countries struggle to access safe and reliable medical supplies, combatting poor infrastructure and extreme weather. Ground-breaking technology has been developed to keep life-saving vaccines at a safe temperature for use, even when the power supply fails. The London Market’s appetite for challenge and track record in leading product development enables it to insure the research and development that make future breakthroughs possible.

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